BASIC FLUID MECHANICS and Properties of Fluids – Introduction

Fluid mechanics is the branch of engineering which deals with liquid, gases and plasmas. Here, we study the behavior of fluids and fluid systems how they react when they are at rest or motion by the action of external forces.

Fluids can also move freely without an external force when it falls from a certain height and the force which is generated is then utilized for other purposes. This field of fluid mechanics is termed as hydrodynamics.

When fluids are used to convert one form of energy to another force such as in coupling, it is known as fluid mechanics.

Classification of Fluid Mechanics:

It is divided into two main categories:

  1. Fluid Statics:

When the fluid or fluid system is at rest and all its activities that are studied is called fluid statics. It is considered for incompressible fluid when it is in static equilibrium.

  1. Fluid Dynamics:

When the fluid is in motion due to the action of forces, the study of such fluids is called fluid dynamics. It consists of calculating forces, moments, rate of flow, etc.

Kinematics of Fluids:

If the fluids are in motion without the action of forces, then the study of such fluids is called kinematics of fluids.


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