Friction: Introduction

Frictional force is something that tries to stop the movements of an object already resting in one condition. This is best understood with one example:

Suppose one solid block of mass or ‘m’ is resting on the rough surface, consider this picture:


Friction: Introduction 1” = C


  • The force used to pull that mass is P and in its initial moment that m is unable to move.
  • The reason behind this is F which is delivering a counter force to stop m from going into the direction P is pulling.
  • The more P tries to pull F increases with each moment.
  • You will find this m starts to move or slide on that rough surface only when P pulls with highest force.

Consider this figure:


Friction: Introduction 2” = C


That block of mass will reach equilibrium in this condition.

Let us find the equations to solve this:

First, ∑Fx= 0

P – F =0

F = p

Then, ∑fy= 0

N – mg = 0

N = mg


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