A magnetic and electric circuit analogy you can see in table 1.

Main differences

  1. Conductor’s resistance is sometimes having higher or lesser constant, in case of materials of ferromagnetic there is the change in permeabilityvaries at higher rate with magnetic field strength.
  2. Flows of an electric currentis not flux  meaning which also includes flow in them
  3. Energy is delivered in order to control electricity flow in circuit, in electric circuit where as in magnetic circuit there is one time magnetic flux which will not include any energy supply.


If the flux has been produced by the current in solenoid, then it has been in the attainment of value which is steady in nature. Energy which is absorbed by such solenoid results in heat which can be taken in resistance winding

  1. If the strength in magnetic flux increases the flux inferromagnetic materials, its density will also lead to an increase until it reaches the state of saturation which is already reachedwhen it will result no change in increase part in density of flux which will further increase the strength of the field. You will not come across with any kind of phenomenon in the field of electric circuit.

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