Fig.19 states about the metal ring which is symmetrically situated in relation to their air gap an iron ring. We can assume about magnetizing winding which will be have its main concentration above the short length of the core. The flux which is passing with the help of metal ring is considered as one of theuseful fluxwhich is further returned with the help ofpath 1, 2 and 3 is considered as leakage flux. The flux which is useful in nature is passing through the gap which is tending to buldge outwards (the reason is the lines of force which are repelling each other when they are passing through material which is non –magnetic in nature) as shown in 19 fig.

Effective area of the gap which are effective in nature along with reducing the density of flux in the provided gap.This effect is stated as fringing as long as the air gap, there will greater in the fringing

 The main Effects of the leakage flux which increases in the amount of total flux byexciting winding.

Note. We can easily minimize the Magnetic leakage by putting the winding orexciting coils or close to the gap in air or in any other points in circuit of magnetic where there is fully utilization of flux.


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