Magnetic Field:

Speaking in technical terms, amagnetic field is that area around a magnetic matter or even an electric charge that is moving which places within which this force of magnetism functions.

When certain substances magnetic power is being tested, normally there are 2 poles that are taken into consideration. Corresponding to magnetic poles that every magnetic substance has, there is a north as well as a south seeking pole which brings forth issues related to magnetism to forefront.

As per scientific tests, magnetic field in the middle of that magnetic substance is minimal while it is the highest at both end points. For testing magnetic field of a specific magnet, certain iron fillings are to be placed on a table and under paper. When magnetis placed, one can easily get to see the immediate attraction.

Points to note:

To determine magnetic field in a proper manner, it is important to note certain aspects:

  • As per experiments, similar poles repel while opposite poles in a magnetic field attract.
  • There are 2 poles in a magnetic substance, the north, and south poles.
  • In that area around a magnet, there is a force field that exists. It is primarily concentrated on magnetic poles and it’s total strength is depicted via concentration of force lines or density.
  • The force lines that are present can neither repel each other nor even intersect with each other.
  • They are to be always found in a closed loop format.

These details are required for understanding basic concepts of magnetic field.


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