There are multiple materials which have magnetic tendencies and properties within them. It is very important to classify them in a correct manner.

  1. When a specific body is placed in a magnetic field, this body distorts the field.
  2. When placed in a magnetic field, a body has to face torques as well as forces that are placed on it.

It is relative permeability of a particular material that determines magnetic properties within a material. Hence, when final classification of materials is to be done, it is based on sense of relative permeability that it is to be categorized.

There are specifically 3 types of magnetic materials that are present for categorization. They are:

  • Paramagnetic materials:

When the amount of relative permeability is placed at a greater level than unity content, chances of magnetization of that product is minimal. This results in force lines being attracted towards that material in a very weak manner. Materials which add up to these features is known as paramagnetic material.

The major elements, in this case, include oxygen, aluminum, and platinum.

  • Ferromagnetic materials:

When relative permeability of certain materials is when placed in comparison to unity level are greater than them, such materials are known as ferromagnetic materials. The force lines that are present in any material is strongly attracted by them, and their susceptibility rates are quite high.

The materials are cobalt, iron, nickel.

  • Diamagnetic materials:

When relative permeability of certain materials is placed at a lower level than level of unity content, the strict force lines that are present are repelled. Materials which depict these features are known as diamagnetic materials.

The major elements, in this case, include hydrogen, bismuth, copper and silver.

For a student, it is very important to know this classification for getting detailed idea of various materials.


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