FARADAY’S Laws of Electromagnetic Induction

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The process where the conductor is placed in magnetic field which is in changing mode will helps in production of voltage across conductor. This process is called electromagnetic induction which is further said in inducing the current.

Faraday’s First Law.

This explained as

“When magnetic flux is linked with changes of circuit, there is an induction of e.m.f”.

Or which can say

“When magnetic flux is cut by theconductor, there is an induction of e.m.f in such conductor”.


[There is a  sign of minus which isthere in the expression in right hand in order to clear  such fact that have induction of e.m.f. which sets up the current that is in such direction which will give magnetic effect  that has been produced with it along with opposition which is the  main cause of producing.

Induced e.m.f. directionalong with  current:

Induced current direction will be taken out easily by putting right-hand Rule ofFleming’s (Fig. 31) or by putting Lenz’s law. There is an induction of e.m.f. which is possible only because of flux-cutting  is Fleming’s rule and whenever there is change due to  flux-linkages is Lenz’s law.

Len’s law. Shows an induction of e.m.f. in a circuit in fig 32.  In Lenz’s law, you will come across with the induced e.m.f. directions, which shows whatever there is production in current is due to an induced e.m.f. has an opposition with the flux changes.

Lenz’s law can be explained as

In field of induced electromagnetic , a current will flow with the help of an voltage which is inducedin nature  that will be causing in a circuit which is closed in such direction where the field  of magnetic is caused by such current will opposes such  kind of changes that is produced by the current”.


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