Let the two conductors will include P along with  Q part including d meters apart, which carries current l1 and l2 amperes which is stated in below Fig 16

The density of flux in Q which is because of P,

l is conductor length along with Q which lies in density of flux, then the conductor  force will be

F is then equal to BI2l2 newtons

In case currents are flowing in same directions which will include l1 and l2 then conductors force between two conductors are also moving in one attraction which will include P along with Q.In different case if current has the movement in opposite directions, then the conductors will repel witheach other. Equation 9 is Ampere’s Law which states the ampere in terms of S.I. units.

The ampere of 1 current can be simply defined as

An ampere is the form of current which is flowing in 2 infinitely through parallel conductors which is situated in vaccum and separated by 1 meter in between centers and produces a force on such conductor of 2×10-7 N which can be taken as per meter length.


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