1. The ratio of flux density to magnetic field strength is known asPermeability
  2. The lagging of magnetization(B) behind the magnetizing force (H) is Hysteresis.
  3. The process where the conductor is placed in magnetic field which is in changing mode will helps in production of voltage across conductor. This process is known as electromagnetic induction.
  4. Faraday’s first law

“When magnetic flux is linked with changes of circuit, an e.g. is always induced in it”.


           “Whenever magnetic flux is cut by the conductor, an e.m.f. is induced in such conductor”. 

  1. In Lenz’s law, direction of the induced e.m.f. is determined, which clearly shows whatever    current is produced by induced e.m.f. has an opposition with the changes of flux.

6.Thee.m.f. induced by variation of flux is known as “statically induced e.m.f has

(i)  Self-induced e.m.f. ;

(j) Mutually induced e.m.f.

7.The property by virtue of which a coil opposes due to any increase or decrease of the current or flux through it is termed as self-inductance.

  1. The ability by which one coil (or circuit) induces e.m.f. in a nearby coil when the current changes in the first coil is known by the name as Mutual inductance.

9.Co-efficient of coupling is the ratio of mutual inductance between the coils and the square root of product of self-inductance of each coil.



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