In case of a current carrying conductor that is placed within a magnetic field, there is a certain amount of force that acts on that field. This magnetic force that is placed on a current carrying conductor is found to be perpendicular to both magnetic fields as well as wire when placed as per the Right-Hand Rule.

In a magnetizing field, the upper side of conductor is termed as additive, whereas its lower side is taken to be subtractive. With the help of this, it can be determined that concerned field that will state the results will be powerful in the above portion of conductor, while weak in regards to lower portion of conductor. So, this force that is present within this conductor helps in its movement in a downward direction.

For further details, Fleming’s Left-Hand Rule stating placing of index, middle and thumb finger at right angles is to be taken. Index finger shows flux direction; middle finger shows imposed direction as well as thumb shows that area where force is to be developed.


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