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Terms Connected with Magnetic Material

For any substance to ensure that there is a proper magnetic field, it is important for students to know certain terms. Once meaning of those terms is clarified, getting a proper understanding becomes easier.

Here are some of them:

  • Unit pole strength:

When a specific pole is placedon a vacuum area, strength of that pole has to be tested for further scientific process. The distance that is to be maintained is of a meter, and when placed on a similar pole it repels with a total force of 1 Newton.

  • Magnetic force:

When a single magnet places a certain amount of force on another magnet, to either attract or repel it, a magnetic force is framed.

  • Magnetic field strength:

When a magnetic field is created, any force within that space is associated with force that is exerted by a North Pole unit at that particular moment.

The number of force lines that pass through a specific unit area around a particular point and is placed against lines in a perpendicular format is known as magnetic field strength.

  • Magnetic flux density:

When a number of force lines passes through a particular substance,and it is taken on a per unit area basis, concept of magnetic flux density emerges. The lines have to be placed at planes and the letter Bis used for denoting the final density of magnetic flux.

  • Absolute permeability:

When ratio of flux density is placed against magnetizing force that gives rise to this flux density, it is known as absolute permeability.

  • Relative permeability:

When a magnetizing force produces flux density in a particular material to that of flux density in a vacuum, it is known as relative permeability.

  • The intensity of magnetization:

To define pole strength on a per unit basis, in a magnetic area of a bar on a per unit volume, is known as intensity.It is denoted by ‘I.’

  • Magnetic potential:

When a particular unit of North Pole is carried from infinity to any other point within this magnetic field, against the specific force that magnetic field provides is known as magnetic potential.

  • Magnetomotive force:

When flux is driven through a magnetic field, a certain amount of flux is required. This is known as magnetomotive force and is a multiplication formula stating a number of turns with electricity required for those turns. It is noted as m.m.f.

  • Susceptibility:

Noted by the letter K, it is ratio of magnetization force to magnetization that is produced in a specific material.

  • Coercive force:

When magnetizing force becomes completely zero, there is presence of a demagnetizing force that has to be completely neutralized. This whole procedure of loss of charge takes place within an electromagnet, and it has to be placed within that for getting correct results.

  • Magnetic reluctance:

When a particular material does not allow magnetic flux to be produced within itself, this property is termed as magnetic reluctance of that material.

  • Retentivity:

In a magnetic material, maximum amount of its residual interaction can be stated. It is this property of the concerned material that is known as retentivity.

  • Resonance:

When magnetic force is removed from a particular material, there still remains within the magnetic material a certain amount of magnetic flux density. Denoted by Wb/m2,it is still present in any substance.

It is only when these terms are well understood by children can further details be learned.


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