Every material has a certain amount of magnetic properties within themselves. When certain materials have a capacity to reverse themselves easily in a magnetic field, they are known as magnetically soft materials.

The various magnetically soft materials that can be used for making electromagnets are:

  • Cast iron/ingot iron
  • Carbon and silicon steels
  • Nickel and manganese steel
  • Mumetal
  • Permalloy
  • Peminvar

Before placing these materials, it is also important to see why these are known as soft magnets. Also, these are required for making electromagnets.

  • The amount of magnetic energy that is placed in these materials are not of very high amount
  • As their coercive force is extremely minimal, they are not perfect for making permanent magnets. It is due to this reason that electromagnets are made from these.
  • Their permeability level is extremely high, making them suitable for beating into sheets.
  • Their resonance level is comparatively low.

All these ensure their demand as a raw material for electromagnets.


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