Since every substance has certain magnetic properties within themselves, it is based on ability of magnetization that its standard is determined. They have a comparatively stronger magnetic field in comparison to magnetically soft materials.

The various magnetically hard materials are:

  • Cobalt, Chromium and Tungsten steel
  • Curife
  • Alnico
  • Hypernic

In comparison to magnetically soft materials that are simply suitable for electromagnets, these hard materials are used for making permanent magnets. The basic features that make these suitable for making these hard are:

  • Their level of coercivity is high in comparison to other materials
  • They have high level of retentivity in them
  • Their sense of magnetic reluctance is high
  • The BH product that is required in a magnetic material is high
  • There is a certain hysteresis loop in materials with high level of magnetic components. That is of quite high value in this case.

Only when a particular substance matches all these contexts, it is known as magnetically hard material.


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