3 phase A.C circuits

A single three phase system engages a voltage source comprising of 3 different voltages. All 3 of them have magnitudes which are equal, and their displacement is displayed by certain phase angle. Its angular variation (displacement) on measurement stands to be at 120°.  If the consideration is based on its utilization and its provision, this 3 phase system is a common choice.The reason for its consequentemphasison its utilization and its placement on 3 phase circuits is due to its operating advantages and definite possession of economic benefits.

What is polyphase circuit?

During the use of A. C. electric energy, three factors are mostly taken into consideration as these occur invariably. Those are:

  • Generation of energy
  • Transmission of it
  • Use of that energy with heavy power

When all these procedurestake place in a circuit or in a system, it is known as apolyphase circuit or polyphase system.

In these types of system, individual voltage source comprises of voltage groups which have relative phase angles and magnitudes. So, in simpler version, the engagement of voltage sources in this system comprises of m voltages which have significantly similar magnitude and whose phase angle is displaced by a specific degree (360°).


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