Comparison between delta connected system and star connected system is highlighted below in 2 separate structures.

Delta connected system

  • Its line voltage is equivalent to phase voltage. As per this, its equation is,

EL = Eph

  • With the help of this system, it is clear that only 3 wire are available and not the 4th one, i.e., neutral wire.
  • Its utilization is only limited to only power loads
  • Its ends are dissimilar, and all of them are connected together
  • Phase current can be stated as number of times equivalent to line current
  • Its provided arrangement is 3 phase and 3 wire
  • This connected system can be commonly seen in transformers whose running capacity is best for low voltage and small 3 phase motors. The highly suitable equipment related to delta connected system is rotary converters.

Star connected system

  1. In this case too, line voltage is similar or equal to phase voltage. But its equation will not be similar.
  2. It is possible and easy to carry neutral (with the help of neutral wire) to the load.
  3. This system can be utilized for both power loads as well as lighting
  4. This system has similar ends, and all of them are connected together
  5. Line currentis equivalent to phase current. Its equation is,

IL= Iph

  1. Its provided arrangement is 3 phase and 4 wire
  2. It is possible for a star connected alternator to get its neutral wire grounded. Due to this, star connected alternators are used in protective devices and relays. This system is considered for safety purpose.


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