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There are mainly 8 benefits of utilizing polyphase system when it is considered against single phase systems. Those are:

  1. In accordance with the provided frame size, the output is higher in a polyphase machine than one single phase machine. To explain the same thing, let us take the example of a single phase motor and a 3 phase motor. On the basis of certain calculation, it is found out that the output of the latter is nearly 1.5 times than that of the out of the former
  2. When the comparison is made regarding conductor materials, it is seen that single phase transmission line uses more of this material than 3 phase line. This difference can be seen when through these lines similar voltage is passed, and anequivalent amount of power is fed.
  3. In case of polyphase induction motors, they are highly efficient and are start by themselves. And regarding single phase motor, neither are they highly efficient (they are less efficient) nor do they have the ability to self-start.
  4. In most scenarios, a majority of single phase motors do have a pulsating torque. But for polyphase motors, they do possess a uniform torque.
  5. Regarding power factor in a motor, polyphase motor has a higher factor over single phase motor.
  6. A polyphase machine is downright cheaper than the other one if the considered aspect is related to per unit of output.
  7. In case of polyphase alternators, its parallel operation is extremely simple. But this same operation is highly complex in single phase alternator due to its pulsating reaction in that machine.
  8. With the help of polyphase current which when passed via stationary coils can create a rotating field.

All of these 8 benefits can be clearly observed when the considered system is 3 phase. As a result, the generation and transmission of electric power are in the formation of 3 phase system.


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