In every 3 phase system, individual coils have 2 terminals. The first one denotes ‘start’ and expressed as ‘S,’ whereas the latter depicts ‘finish’ and expressed via ‘F.’In case, if separate phases are linked to the individual load circuit, the resultant that we can expect is a 3 phase system which is non-interlinked.

In these types of systems, every individual circuit requires 2 conductors. So, in 3 phase system, the requirement will be 6 conductors. All in all, these requirements make the entire system expensive and complex. Therefore, we can accept the fact that all of these 3 phases are gene interlinked whose outcome is experienced as a considerable saving of copper.


For interconnection, there are 2 generalized methods.

  • Delta or Mesh connection (∆)
  • Wye or Star connection (Y)


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