Grievance and Discipline

Discipline and Grievance

Grievance and Discipline 1Discipline and grievance are the 2 most inappropriate terminologies that were prevalent in the 19th century but not at present. As per the statement of Sir Richard Branson, one of Britain’s noteworthy entrepreneurs:

Grievance and Discipline 2The technical terms are mostly used to create a hindrance between management and employees. A new joinee will have a number of expectations from the company and the management group. Here we will come to know how imperative it is for HR management to keep those expectations in form. These expectations are related to workplace and are not mentioned in the contract.

They may be in the form of good management and leadership quality, similar minded colleagues, amiable working situation, skill enhancing opportunities, and much more. Again there are also few expectations from the sides of employers too. They may be in the form of quick thinking and working, careful utilisation of skills, active participation and much more. They also want that employees are more flexible and have that willingness to work on a project that requires extra effort.

In case employees aren’t satisfied with the employees, the systematic processes can go wrong and can result on grievances. In case dissatisfaction is from employers, the disciplinary situation may arise. These 2 procedures are to find out ultimate sanction and avoiding them so that employees don’t resign from their jobs. The roles exercised by authorities are to make the process more efficient.

Grievance and Discipline 3People on a managerial role are not role dependent. The reason for this may be their perception is clear, and they do not want to superimpose their command n the employees to execute the work the way managers usually do.This leadership quality has higher skill side than personal ones.


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