Recognition and Consultation

The Objectives Of This Chapter Are To:

  1. Provide definition of the term recognition as seen in a relationship taking place between the trade union and the employer.
  2. To perform evaluation of the cases present for or against the quality trade unions.
  3. To do a discussion regarding the different forms that agreement can take while recognizing unions.
  4. Provide a brief idea of the trade union law introduced in the year 200.
  5. To bring forth those situations where the employers in UK have to go by the law.
  6. Provide an explanation regarding how good a consultation practice is and also show the way in which the HR management has a practical contribution.

If we go by the survey on employee relations that took place in 1998, then it will be seen that the different trade unions the trade unions have their presence in more than 53% of the English workplaces and provide employment to greater than 25 people. In 45 percent of these paces, the managers are known to get into negotiations with the people of the trade unions regarding payment of the employees and discussing about their conditions.

The Labor Force Survey which was conducted in the year 2002, showed that about 8.7 million people in England alone were working for those who supported trade unions and the pay of the employees were determined by the process of collective bargaining. Hence it can be said that the number of people in the trade unions have dwindled over the years however they still remained the important place as the unions have survived and also the method of collective bargaining.

This is especially true in cases of the public sectors and industries which had enjoyed a national stature previously. The presence of unions was too much there. Due to this kind of situation, new laws were formulated. The number of places where negotiations could go on between the employers and trade unions, showed an increase after being on the decline for many years.

It can henceforth be said that that HR managers are working in those all those places where trade unions have not been recognized at all, proceeding towards recognition or where recognition has come in some form. You will see that about 25% of these managers will have been through a situation where the recognition has been rolled back. Hence you will see that in most cases, the kind of union affiliation that a company has remains quite significant in the everyday management of the company.

After a trade union gets recognized, it will automatically along with its members have some rights. The most important of these rights is regarding consultation in issues of redundancy, health of employees as well as their safety. Regardless of what the law states, the taking place of consultations with the unions over some issues is really important for developing a relationship of trust.


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