Derecognition Meaning

When derecognition of trade unions takes place, it is often told in articles that the company has taken u a macho approach to deal with the employee relations. Derecognition of the workforce in a sudden manner going against the wishes of the people does not happen often. From the 1990s, it was observed that the employers were withdrawing from providing with arrangements of collective bargaining.

The fact that derecognition is quite rare, is also seen in surveys. Most of the episodes are related to particular classes of employees rather than the whole workforce. There are some cases in which recognition of the partial kind has taken place; here you will see that the amount of matter coming under collective bargaining has been narrowed down to a certain extent. In these situations, the employers are seen to create contracts for persona employment.

The rise in the pay of the people would be made according to the contributions of particular people. In the end, bargaining machinery would be kept back, but it will gradually be stopped from different decision making processes.

It can very much be argued that partial derecognition ultimately results in complete derecognition. This is because after the partial event, lesser number of people will be inclined to join the union. As time passes, the union would only be growing weaker and hence will no more have a case for continuous recognition from the company.

In these conditions, it can rightly be said that the union was not representing the employees properly. Hence the interest of the employees would be served better with the formation of other forms of involvement, either singly or in a group.


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