Health, Safety and Welfare – Explanation

  1. Identifying and explaining the terms of welfare, safety, and health. Also, relating their roles that are import in human resource management.
  2. Elucidating the work of criminal law and its framework and its role in enforcing these frameworks in safety and health areas
  3. Role of civil law and evaluate how it is essential in safety and health management. The focus is on work stress.
  4. Stating the important methods for enhancing emotional welfare amongst the staff members
  5. Explaining the procedures of importance that are important to reduce any form of workplace injuries
  6. Discerning occupational health function and its various roles

Conflict between employer’s requirement to gain extra efficiency and output and employee’s requirement to save themselves from workplace hazard is a common factor in most of the companies. At mid-19th century, the problematic areas were excessive physical demands and long working hours that were prevalent as factor systems. However, the issues in the current century are not what it was in the19th century. It is more on subtle. Still, the concern can be brought in front of various authoritative bodies for a solution. These include:

  • Campaign groups
  • Government agencies
  • Trade unions
  • Employees
  • Employers

This concept of protection is mainly offered by statutes that belong from European origin and is an important section in Working Time Regulations 1998. Its sole goal is divided into 2 parts.

  1. To provide employees less number of paid leaves
  2. Decrease the number of working hours

Aside to these aspects, some others also generate from representatives, senior employees, and management initiatives.

In any circumstance or for ant concern, the required action is analyzed on the basis of the problems and the solution is taken by human resource manager.


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