Health, Safety and Welfare – Definitions

The generalised expression of welfare is related to safety and health and is said to another name for well-being. When this same is considered for the workplace, welfare is one of the important aspects that are taken as a provision. Being an important area, there are2 advantageous sections of it. One comprises of psychological or emotional benefit whereas the other one highlights more on the physical benefits.

Psychological welfare mostly focuses on the mental health conditions of the employees. There are a number of steps to achieve its beneficial side. They are in the form of improved communications, counselling, and better workplace atmosphere.

The physical side concentrates on the aspects like decreased working hours, paid leave, and factors related to enhancing safety and health.

A closer look will help you understand that both of these aspects are related to each other. Again, another of the facts can also be stated in this context in the form of pensions and sick leaves that the administration grants to the employees. Apart from these, there are also intellectual advantages that can come to help as enhancement of satisfaction level at work. Later, we will go through the aspects regarding the developmental aspect of these benefits.


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