Defining of Recognition 

When it comes to recognition regarding the employee relations, it has been defined in the section number 178 in the 1992 Trade Union and Labor Relations (Consolidation) Act. Here you will find the rightful definition of recognition, which is a situation where through writing or practice, the employers would be engaging in collective bargaining with the representatives of the union, regarding the matters present below:

  1. The terms and conditions present in the employment stated, conditions include the physical ones.
  2. Engagement or termination of the work of the employee.
  3. The division of labor workers as individuals or in groups.
  4. Matters concerned with maintaining discipline at the workplace.
  5. The view of the worker if he or she wants to become a member of the union.
  6. The different facilities provided for the officers of the trade unions.
  7. The way of negotiation as well as consultations regarding any of the above methods. It includes the recognition of the rights of the workers in various negotiations or consultations.

Whether to give recognition to the trade union, or take the support away, has a lot of effect which go beyond the agreement made earlier. After getting the recognition, the trade union would be getting hold of the rights to be exercised as a representative of its members. There exists a right to consultation before different redundancies take place or before a business gets transferred from the hands of one owner to another.

The unions which are recognized in nature have the right to get consulted in matters of maintaining the health and safety of the individuals. The period of working time would be determined as well as the period for which holiday would be granted in case of a parental emergency. The different officials present in the unions have the right to get a fair amount of pay for carrying out the functions of the union as well as for getting trained for the job. The health representatives of the union really enjoy having these rights and they also have access to various office facilities.

The unions often receive some information or communication from the manager which helps them in going forward with the collective bargain. Transfer of Undertakings Regulations 1981 will require the unions to remain recognized and the prior agreements remain as they were even after a new owner arrives in the scene.

Lots of other rights such as getting protection from different kinds of discriminations as well as the right the union has, to go along with the employee to disciplinary meetings. Industrial action taking place according to the law is for all the members of the union whether or not they have received the recognition. The different rights are actually conditional in nature and depend upon the particular union. A certification officer actually has the duty of preparing and keeping the list of trade unions.

Defining Recognition 1Name the main criteria according to you which have to be established in order to term a body as a trade union.

State whether you feel it is fair for the certification officer to stress upon the fact that his duties should be free of any influence from the management. The effect of this is that different association for staffs of particular companies cannot qualify.


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