Summary Propositions

21.1 The recognition that the trade unions get, is much less than what used to be seen 25 years back. The procedure of collective bargaining still is considered the primary way of determining the salaries of the employees in workplaces. This is very much seen in the different public sectors.

21.2 A particular employer is said to have recognized a trade union if it is seen to be doing negotiations with the union in terms of pay of the employees as well as other company policies. When these unions are recognized, they get many great rights.

21.3 You will see the presence of many engaging cases from the viewpoint of the management which goes both for and against the trade unions. The validity of these cases is also determined by the surrounding conditions.

21.4 The concept of collective bargaining varies to a great extent. There are differences concerned with the level as well as the number of unions present. In the recent times, different movements have been seen to occur causing agreements in partnerships.

21.5 From the year 2000 onwards, you will find that the trade unions will be making use of routes for getting hold of some recognition. As a result of this, you will find increase deliberate agreements.

21.6 The unions which have got recognition possess the right to get consultations on many different issues. The activity of collective consultation is something of a lawful obligation in various firms which do not have unions.

21.7 Engaging in consultations is really the trademark of fantastic employers. In order to ensure that that the consultations are good enough, the various processes are required to be of the genuine type.

General Discussion Topics

  1. Give your views regarding the fact that the membership in trade unions of the public sector has remained high in contrast to the decline seen in the private sector.
  2. Tell about your feelings regarding the effectiveness of provisions for recognition in the Employment Relations Act that came out in 1999, how is it going to be after some time?
  3. Place your arguments for as well as against the concept known as workplace agreement, spreading to the employment law fields and extending beyond the working time of people as well as parental leave being taken.

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