Do You know Mean by Grievance?

American do consider about handling grievances in a careful manner that what is considered by British. In 1994, Jackson and Math is did present certain reviews on this same fact. During the year 1977, Myers and Pigors also presented a study that highlighted the fact that there is a stark difference between the terminologies like grievance, complaint, and dissatisfaction.

What Do We Mean by Grievance? 21What Do We Mean by Grievance? 22

This differentiation is extremely helpful in dividing these 3 aspects so that the comprehension process in this context becomes easy. If there is any form of dissatisfaction in the minds of employees, then it is imperative that management should be aware of it. In case this concern is kept in the background, and the employee continues to work it a disheartening mind, there is a higher probability that its effect will be reflected in the performance.

Now, it is to be considered that complaints can only arise when it surpasses the dissatisfaction level. This level can be easily removed over a cup of tea or coffee, or by talking openly about the factor which is causing such dissatisfaction. In a company, the issues can be extremely trivial and can be removed easily by discussion before it takes root permanently.

One can rarely see any hike in grievances in their company as the employees do enquire about the judgment of their seniors. But it can only happen if the employees are asked to keep their personal views in front of the management.This opening up reduces the risk of trouble making as this concept ensures that management will resolve any issues.

Employees do state HR managers that they keep a keen eye on this procedure as well as employees so that dissatisfaction sources can be easily discovered and resolved on time. Here is a major concern from the side of managers. There are a number of managers in fear of getting chastised do not reveal the reason for employed is satisfaction. This in due time can convert into complaints.It has also been seen that a majority of dissatisfied employees don’t follow the company designed procedure. This, in the end, can lead the company to lose good employees.

What Do We Mean by Grievance? 23Terminologies on this context usually have socially or biologically meaning. In most cases, employees cannot understand its deeper meaning or how serious the complaint is. A good example in this context is the subject of sweetness. For a person, the sweetness of a truffle cake may be too sweet. The same for other can be normal.

What Do We Mean by Grievance? 24What Do We Mean by Grievance? 25

In case a certain action can be resolved so that the level of dissatisfaction can be lessened, it can reduce the number of complaints. Initially, the actions are neutral in nature. In this case,blame game is what an employee can see. Now, this initial step will move on the second step when the action moves in a straight forward way. The 3rd stage is this case is related to the most difficult section of complaints. In here, the supervisors have a tendency to take criticism into a personal level. This creates a rift between the supervisors and the employees.

What Do We Mean by Grievance? 26


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