Employment Rights Act formulated in the year 1996, provide the various employees with the right to get a written statement from their employer stating what the reason for their dismissal is. To have this right, the person has to be working in the company for one year at least. It is compulsory for the employer to give a statement within 14 days of being asked to provide with one.

If the statement has not been provided within the stipulated time, then the employee can again make a complaint. The Tribunal will now rule that the man be paid two weeks of salary. This right also becomes applicable if a particular contract has not got renewed. The employee will get his due after this.

The person may also get more awards, if the tribunal feels that he or she has been cheated in other ways too. The basic purpose for this kind of provision is to ensure that a good case for dismissal has been registered or not. The statement issued henceforth can be used well during the course of proceedings at the tribunal.

The tribunal will however not work only within the confines of this kind of statement. If the different members of the tribunal said that the reasons for dismissal were different from what has been stated, then the entire case for the management would become endangered.


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