Part II Case Study Problem

You have been made the HR manager of a company dealing in insurances and have more than 2000 employees. The company has its headquarters in one of the big cites of England. Your corporation has now got hold of a different insurance company located in South of England which has 1100 staffs. Both the established companies have a rich history and are in a way part of the same markets dealing in insurances.

It can be however said that the firm in south of England cover specialist markets which were not present in the North England. This was a primary reason behind the takeover. The specialist’s staffs required long hours of training in order to get a really good degree of expertise. You will find that there are nearly 300 staffs present in south who have the capability to do the special insurance services.

This takeover of the company however didn’t go on really smoothly. This is because of some resistance from company in the south and presently there exists some difficulties. Three years back, there was supposed to be a union with another company of local origin and for that 20% of the staff had been dismissed based on redundancy. After the passage of such difficult times, there came a promise for a better future.

Keeping in mind the finances as well as other such explanations, it has come to be made certain that office in the south would remain shut and the staff would be sent to offices located 15 miles north of the place. The staff present in the south gets on alert owing to this, thinking that this notion of moving was preposterous and that another redundancy dismissal can take place, especially to people who were more than 50 years of age.

The staff in the north too is in two minds regarding moving out of the center of city itself. The people living in the western part of city are quite happy to be able to go to the office in a short time from home.

Some people do not wish to travel such long distances. The people, who are willing to move, say that the prices of rooms in the area were too high. Many people are disappointed with the fact that they would not be able to work from the center of city. However for the staff in the north, dismissal is not going to be a worry.

Part II Case Study Problem 9

Part II Case Study Problem 10

When demand for the staff is considered, it has been seen that total of 2400 staff members are required to be present in the company for the coming 3 years. The number is supposed to increase after that particular time based on the growth taking place.

There is a decline in number of staff in the management including professional as well as the junior ones. This is seen because of scale of the economy as well as very articulate use of the Information Technology. The sole professional group which saw a surge in number of staffs was the group of the IT employees.

There has come a reduction in number of staffs in the clerical as well as administrative posts because of better use of technology. There have come better machines.

The surge in requirement of the manual labor is owing to the fact that that the company has moved to a bigger city which overs a lot of ground. There is presence of many facilities on the site as the company is not located in the city itself.

You have been told that the different staffs of different levels need to complete their movement within period of 6 months. As you are HR manager you have a really big role. Now you are asked by the company to come up with a particular strategy. The idea is to achieve a target in figures without having to undergo any kind of damage to the confidence.


1 State the information that you will be bringing to get her before you put forward your proposal.

2 Name the issues that you would be addressing in that particular proposal.

3 Name the options you see for getting hold of your target. What will be the impact of each of them? Name the option that you would especially vouched for and why would you be doing so?

Part II Examination Questions

  1. What should be done by the managers in order to improve upon their recruitment drive?
  2. State the manner in which the labor force is seen to undergo changes and what will be the effect of such changes on the Human Resource management?
  3. Name some of the benefits and drawbacks associated with the panel conferences and the serial interviews. State the circumstance under which you would be recommending the use of each stuff.
  4. Provide a description and elucidate the different practices of management which are very much required for avoiding getting claims from the tribunal regarding unfair sacking.
  5. State the various factors that have an effect on the utilization of the different part time works in UK. What are the effects of part time work on the different workers indulged in the same?
  6. Name those conditions by which the system of payment by annualizing the hours provides the various employees with a degree of flexibility that they very much need.
  7. It is seen that company XYZ does the recruitment of nearly 15 graduates and management personnel per year. They make use of application forms as well as selection interview to compete the process. The director of the HR department of the company plans the introduction of the assessment centers from now on to recruit the people. What are the factors to be considered when approaching such a situation?
  8. If you see that a problem has come up regarding retention of employees in a particular company, explain how you would go about getting a solution for the problem. If you think that this problem is solvable in nature, then state the strategies you could be using for solving the problem.


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