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Some of the most effective criticisms of the law of unfair dismissal of employees had been published quite a long time ago. However these works continue to present the best arguments regarding the manner in which laws should be reformed. The following two works contribute a lot to this kind of literature:

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These two works have proven to be very much controversial in their content and hence have drawn lots of criticisms. Most of the content here discusses the effect that these regulations would have in the implementation of the law regarding unfair dismissal. Both Gillian Morris as well as Bob Hepple provides a strong critique to it.

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Here you will be finding a large variety of the laws which regulate dismissal of employees in the various countries. You will notice that most of the states in the USA provide employment quite willingly. There are no restrictions placed on the dismissal of a particular employee by the employer. In the country of Netherlands however the dismissals cannot be taking place without getting the nod from the government and law. The different systems which are in use around the world, have found an account in the Rojot published in 2001.


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