Source Conversion

We can state that the conversion of given voltage that includes the series of resistance is possible with parallel resistance of equivalent current which is also true for a converse situation The converse situation states that source of the current which has parallel is easily replaced by the voltage source that carries series of resistance.

Let’s consider the given figure for the process of converting voltage source with the corresponding current source. Let L and M be the two terminals, the current value which is supplied to the source will be

I = V/A

Please note that the current is supplied when the short is experienced or passed at the given terminals.

The equivalent source is realized with the supplying current source having same resistance R entitled as connected in a parallel to the current source as displayed in the figure:


Source Conversion 1


  • In the same way, we can convert the current source with parallel resistance to the voltage source and series of resistance with the same. Thus, we can say that

V = IR

Please note that the conversion or replacement procedure between source voltage with series resistance and source current with parallel resistance is possible when the circuit voltages has equal respective value to the currents in the short circuit.

Let’s understand the same with the help of an example:

Example 1 

Convert the source voltage with series resistance into the source current with parallel resistance as shown in the figure below.


Source Conversion 2



One can notice in the figure, (ii), current is attained by placing a short through the terminals L and M as 20 / 10 = 2A

Therefore the corresponding source of the current is shown in Figure (iii).

Example 2 

Find the similar source of voltage for the source of current in below figure (i).


The voltage of open-circuittransverselyterminals A and B as shown in Fig (i ) is

V oc = drop across = 2 X 5 = 10 V. (this cannot be changed)

Hereafter, source of voltage has a voltage value of 10 V

The similar resistance of n which is connected in series [fig” 48 (ii)]


Source Conversion 3



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