Definitions of Important Tenns Relating Network

  1. Linear circuit

Parameters of a circuit which remain constant even when there is a change in current or voltage is known as a linear circuit.

  1. Unilateral circuit

A circuit whose characteristics or properties do not remain same and undergo a change of direction of its operator.

  1. Electric network

This type of network comes to focus when certain electric parameters or elements combine with each other in a specific arrangement or manner.

  1. Passive network

This network does not have any source of electromotive force.

  1. Branch

Branch is a network’s part which is situated between 2 junctions.

  1. Circuit

The path (conductive) via which electric current intends to flow or actually flows is known as a circuit.

  1. Non-linear circuit

When the parameter of a circuit showcases a current change or a voltage change, it is termed as anon-linear circuit.

  1. Bilateral circuit

The characteristics or a property of a circuit which remains similar in any direction is called bilateral circuit.

  1. Active network

A network containing a single or more than one e.m.f. source is called active network.

  1. Node

In a circuit, there is a specific junction where 2 or more than 2 circuit elements are linked together.


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