Selection as a Two-Way Process

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When we read about selection procedure, we have to keep in mind that there are a number of stages. We also need to consider the fact that when these decisions are to be taken, that information are extremely important to both the owner as well the employees showing potential.

It has always been considered as a management prerogative where decisions related to employment is taken as an advantage related to 2 way process nature. This is for the reason that this process is acknowledged by all.

Again, if you take into consideration regarding Lievenset al. (2002), you will find numerous suggestions related to shortages for labor market. This mental or market image that has been highlighted by such shortage has instilled a concern of prime importance in the minds of the employees running huge organizations. This, in addition, is also giving a clear aspect that how during recruitment of applicants they are treated. It is crystal clear that due to the unfair or rough selection process, the present companies have to see such shortage of potential candidates.

It is also important that we must take into account of the organizational context and the work offered by them, and why the work is not done at time.

If you take a closer look, you will find that in most cases applicants search for a most essential yet basic factor when they go for their interview. They see the relationship or better said the prospective cordial and professional relationship which they expect from a company. This analysis is based on 3 aspects.

  1. Type of selection procedure that an employer uses to select an employee
  2. Experience that an employer or owner earns over the years
  3. When giving an interview, a potential employee’s current experience

It is only after these3 factors that an employee can consider to work with that company or not. As the most potent factors, what such applicants can do is go for another better offer which fulfills all these 3 factors. Or as an alternative, come up or analyze few issues that can discourage them to work for a certain period and finally quit from the company.

Now, if in a company, a large number of existing employees leave, there may be a certain condition. The primary one may conclude to be not distributing information which should be accurate and complete.

In case the same situation is related to potential candidates, it means that they have provided them with apt and all the necessary details related to the company and their working procedure. With all such complete info, those candidates can easily analyze if they can quit before going further in the selection process or if they wish to quit in the very beginning.

Where this decision is admirable from the point of view of candidates, it is equally adverse when considered from the point of view of companies. Such clarity related to information distribution can prove to be a negative aspect when it is the company who loses a number of potential candidates.

If again you try to compare the differentiation related to that of the manager and of an applicant, you can be rest assured that this variation is forgotten fast. Here too, the images in the minds of applicants are not unrealistic when it comes to then thinking about their resume to be selected and scrutinized as soon as possible by all the honchos of the company. There are also chances that a resume of a potential candidate can be looked high by many, and again, not to be found fascinating by others.

Now, again there are certain scenarios which come directly from the candidates. Suppose they have considered a company and have filed their application for that. What most candidates expect that their applications are accepted the very date when they have applied for a position. The same goes with the scrutiny of it. In case the company does not send back any reply sooner, they think that either their application is rejected or they are not that interested in their resume when compared with that of others.

This leads to the dampening of the euphoria that such types of eager candidates have. However, if few of those candidates are lucky enough to get a chance to interview, they can make up their decision what to do later in the course of their interview. In most case, it is with the help of the treatment from recruiters that aids in the decision making process of candidates.

One of the excellent examples was by Papadopoulou et al. By this example it became clear what candidates expected from a new company. It highlighted the ability of the recruiters on the candidates. Mostly, it was related to the precise details and their ability to provide appropriate info that can help candidates to have assumptions related to that company.

Apart from the expectations of the candidates, they came to know about the influence with the aid of the interaction that they have with the recruitment management body. Those details in points are:

Cordial yet professional interaction

  1. Control of the interaction
  2. Ability to listen to candidates attentively
  3. Allowing all the candidates to present their ideas and give the answers to the questions asked by the company

Now, when the company interacts with the potential candidates, they consider these points to be useful.

  1. Quick Reply

In this case, the term should literally be executed. If a company considers a candidate worthy enough to be given a chance for an interview, the acknowledgment letter should not be in the form of a letter or a personal mail. In order to boost the speed of the answer, companies can choose a web-based selection. If you take a look at IRS 2001, you will find the amicable discussion for this.

  1. Correlations

Correlations when it comes to applicants and the important aspects or details that they wish to know about the company and their probable job roles. In addition to this, there are multiple queries which a candidate can ask when they appear for an interview. Some of them include:

  1. How long will the interview process take place?
  2. How many rounds there can possibly be?
  3. Do you have to defray any type of expenditure?
  4. How did the management find you?
  5. Is there any parking space where you can park your vehicle?
  • Recruiter training

Proper training should be provided to the recruiters so that they are able enough to have answers to all the questions that a candidate can have for the company. In addition to it, those interviewers also should have excellent management skills as they have to handle quite a handful of candidates on the day of their interviews.


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