There has been many a point under this chapter that has been of immense help in understanding the entire process related to selection. In here, we will read about all of those essential points in a brief way.


When we talk about selection, it is proved to be a completely a 2 way process. Decision making is an important procedure. It requires 2 parties to make that come to existence. One of the parties is the potential employees, whereas the other one involves the participation of the employer or owner of the company.


A company has the freedom of choosing any selection method. It can be either as a single technique, or it can comprise of a combination of various numbers. In most cases, firms do prefer to go for a selection method that is created of more than one methodology. The combination choice is basically dependent on few factors.

  1. Exceptional capability to select the appropriate number of staff for a company. It is also seen if the selection is based on quality too.
  2. Accuracy
  3. Cost
  4. Administrative ease
  5. Time
  6. Acceptability
  7. Appropriateness
  8. Choice made as per the requirement of the job or position

These are just the generalized version of what recruiters prefer using in combination to create their selection methods. There are no hard and fast rules that every country has to abide by these particular set of criteria as a combination. There are a number of countries who have different aspects or viewpoints when designing a particular selection methodology. Companies do know and understand what works best for them.


As there are a number of criteria that are used individually or are presented in the form of combined elements, so is the presence of various methods too. When we discuss about selection approaches, there are mainly 6 variants that are commonly used to choose candidates amongst hundreds and thousands. Those 6 types are as follows:

  1. Application forms
  2. Tests
  • Interviews (these usually comprise of either in telephonic medium or the interview is conducted via video conferencing)
  1. Assessment centres
  2. Group selection procedures
  3. References

Even if they are the extremely common options, still they are extremely important as used by a majority of companies around the world.


It is important that there is a valid and organized procedure so that the decisions related to selection process can be aptly taken. The requirement for it is huge. There cannot be any discrepancies when it comes to discussions made by a number of selectors. It is imperative that all the major and minor information that all the selectors have should be properly analyzed and combined. This process ensures that only correct judgment is passed over those available details.


It is again imperative that whichever be the selection methods that a company prefers to choose for themselves, it should be completely validated. It is always considered that it is better to have a proper system than having an absence of one. In case the system is simple, there is no harm in following and using it.


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