Choosing Selection Methods

In most case, especial in the most terms, we can see the utilization of only more than 1selection method. In rare cases will there be a company that will prefer to use only a single one. In the usual case where dual or combination methods are used, essential factors in this case are:

  • Cost

This no doubt is one of the important factors that any company will look forward and consider to use wisely during the setup of a company. Once the set up is complete, administration charges are usually easy to maintain. When you are considering about a greater outlay, it will come from assessment centers. In this case, administration charges are a litter on the higher side than the other expenditures.

Now, if you consider that interviews are expensive, you are wrong in this case. If comparisons are made with the administration, the costs related to interview and candidate training is extremely less than the anticipated amount.

If you are considering for costlier methodologies, it is better to have a prior analysis regarding the sections where really the changes or improvements are required.

  • Accuracy

If you increase the appropriate selection methods (especially the numbers), you can see a noticeable hike in accuracy.

  • Time factors

There are cases when an organization requires to fill up a prominent post. In such cases, the normal selection process can be time consuming. In order to save time, many companies opt for interviews that are either video-based or telephonic.

  • Administrative ease

In usual cases, you might have heard of a candidate going through a final interview in front of a panel of 3 or 4 interviewers. This both time consuming and irksome. Instead of this traditional factor, it is a better option if a potential candidate is offered an option of presenting themselves in a certain number of individual interviews. One of the best options is web-based testing where more number of candidates can sit for the interview, saving a lot of time of the company.

  • Staff ability in case of selection procedure

Application of this procedure can be only witnessed in assessment or test centers. This offer is mainly for the candidates who come under the academic qualification related to a specific course (which the company has set as their criteria). It is only for those people which they can attend and sit for psychological tests.

  • Appropriateness and acceptability related to that of different methodologies

This option is a common practice that most companies use to narrow down the candidate number as their efficient selection process. However, this methodology cannot be considered for those candidates who had already worked somewhere or occupies a senior position in their previous companies.

  • Selection criteria for a particular position which needs to be filled

There are certain types of positions in a company where the selection process can relate to self-managing teams. Some of those include:

  1. Supervisory
  2. Professional
  3. Managerial

Apart from this 3, there are also many other positions. 2 of the excellent methodologies to select the right candidate are:

  1. Assessment centre activities
  2. Group selection methods


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