Validation of Selection Procedures

In the previous section, we had an elucidated idea related to validation for test scores. This is mainly for checking the performance of different candidates so that the selection is only for the best individual appropriate for the company. This will also help to figure out the fact if the test score can become a strong forecaster when it comes to succeeding in a particular job profile. It is with the aid of this methodology that we can get an idea whether this selection process can be used as the present selection form for nearly every company or not.

Again, utilization of similar ideas can be thought to be processed and operated on various other selection processes or on individuals. There are4 aspects that prove to be details of crucial importance when companies or recruiters want to evaluate validity. Those are:

  1. An individual’s present performance
  2. During selection period, assessment made on that candidate
  3. Specific type of selection method(s) that is applied on that applicant
  4. Criteria on a specific level that is used during the interview for selection

We, being mere spectators in this complete selection process. We are in no condition to pass any judgment on the performance of those applicants who did not get selected and acquire the jobs for which there were competing. Comparison on both the group’s performance level cannot be made.

Now, suppose there is an instance where a single group is selected instead of an individual. In cases like this, it is really tough to mark out the type of performance on an individual level. This is because the results are out on a combined basis, making the performance of each individual as average. So, as they are not rated low or high, every individual in that group is considered as worthy to be hired.

In case that company wishes to keep a record of all the individuals present in the group, this can be considered as a good step to mark out how each candidate has fared well in their work during the selection process. It is depending on these scores that the company can distribute the task for effective completion. As test results usually comprise of grades or marks, we can call this to be of quantifiable element. This also is considered as one the easy and simplified grading process by both employers and the employees.

Now, we will consider about the current or present performance of the chosen candidates using various measures. This can easily be obtained with the assistance of job description or also with the combination of any other performance that the selected candidate has showcased during the selection process.

  1. Measures when considered from the point of view of job description

Under this criterion, there are certain important aspects which we know via the term of quantitative measures. The elements that are  present under this aspect comprises of:

  • Number of complaints that arise in the work field
  • Sales and the increasing or decreasing number
  • Reports related to the quality of those products manufactured in the plant
  • Type of relationship with the consumers in the market

The list of such quantitative measures does not end with these 4. There are many other elements too.

  1. Measures when considered from the point of view of other description

When we are talking about the other measures (other than that of quantitative measures), there again we will find many variations. Some of the prominent ones, in this case,revolves around:

  1. Identification of problems
  2. Absence of relevant data
  3. Results that come after appraisals

After these 3, there is again another measure which is both crucial as well as mandatory when things don’t go as per the plan of the company- termination.

Until now we have been reading about the evaluation of the overall performance of an individual. In addition to those, there are also few methodologies which in most cases are based on the evaluation of present performance.

The technique in this is completely subjective as well as intuitive. Now, in most of the cases, this process can be considered as a complete tool for the evaluation procedure. However, taking this and making comparisons with that of objective assessment cannot be said to be a valid substitution.

Rating also comes in varied form. It is not possible that a company will only depend on the ratings of an individual’s performance on the time of selection. Selection ratings are one of the types where the performance of every individual is recorded, and then it is compared on a timely basis.

In case if major differences are witnessed between the points for performance ratings and selection, then a detailed investigation is applied to find out the reason for such variance. In the entire investigation period, close attention is paid on the methodology that has been used and selection criteria that are applied during that period.

Both of the above factors, i.e., performance rating and selection rating, have utilization in different aspects too. As a tool for comparing and utilizing, it is used in various selection criteria. You can see that when studying various selection methodologies.

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