Each company has some criteria set for the candidates. Only after fulfilling those can a candidate is though worthy enough to move to the next step.

As you can see this figure, it is represented as a matrix to be one of the best tools. A closer look at this matrix will help you understand that under this process all the candidates are well assessed. The main motto here is to check if that applicant passes through the criteria that the company has kept as a benchmark for them.

There is no hard and fast rule that only one method is applicable for this process. If a company wants, they can opt for multiple methodologies as their selection process. However, recruiters do have to keep on their mind that if they choose a number of methods, there are chances of getting details that may contradict with each other. So, it is advisable to a great deal that the decision making procedure should be done carefully and with precise info.

Involvement of various debates is a common scenario when there is more than 1 selector in this context. The problem in this case is difficulty in arranging and gathering the information that many selectors will have after their individual analysis. It can also stand to be a noticeable issue when judgment is required to be passed on the potential aspirants for a certain position.

Then again there is another option is to set a judgment by all the selectors and then meet at a place and discuss their assessments. There may be chances that few of the evaluation from some selectors may not be liked by the majority. This is something usual that most companies see in other departments too.

Chances are there that the conversation can turn to be heated with many going for and against the passed judgment. But you can also learn how the entire process of judgment is usually taken in a company. Utilization of matrix is also considered to be a highly helpful approach which can be an aiding tool in interviewer training.

By now you are well aware of the basic approach when it comes to selection procedure. Nevertheless, another approach is also present that also proves to be an excellent method to select candidates. This other process involves filling up a complete matrix as the first step. On this case, the contribution is from the entire panel of selectors.


It is also a fact that this upgraded version makes the entire process a lot faster than the previous approach.


In addition to this, there are also few negative points. As many selectors are involved in this process, the person whose details are not given importance may have info of crucial value. So, this stands to be in a higher risk zone leading the discussion to convert into argument or debate. As a reference to the decisions of assessment centres, in 1992, Iles made some assumptions. It was on the suggestion that made to the point that there can be deterioration on quality because of heated debates. However, combining all the small and huge details can help in effective decision making process.

Final Selection Decision Making 8


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