There are mainly three different types if single phase motors. The types of Single-phase motor along with their sub-types are as follows –

  1. Single-phase Induction Motors:
  1. Split-phase motors – The sub types of split-phase motors are as follows –
  1. Capacitor-start motor
  2. Resistance-start motor
  3. Permanent-split (single-value) capacitor motor
  4. Two-value capacitor motor.
  5. Shaded-pole induction motor
  6. Reluctance-start induction motor.
  7. Repulsion-start induction motor.

                2. Commutator-Type, Single-Phase Motors:

  1. Repulsion motor.
  2. Repulsion-induction motor.
  3. A.C. Series motor.
  4. Universal motor.3. Single-phase Synchronous Motors:
  1. Reluctance motor
  2. Hysteresis motor.
  3. Sub-synchronous motor.

Each one is important and has significance in electrical engineering. So, it is really required to understand.


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