The terms like servo or servo-mechanism apply to those response control system which contains:

  • Mechanical position, or
  • Time derivatives e.g. velocity and acceleration.

These are the following characteristics of a feedback control system:

  1. excellent accuracy;

ii          Able to response fast;

iii.        Can be operated by remote;

Following are the necessities of a feedback control system:

  1. An error detecting device-

It is important because it checks the quantity which is unlike from the reference amount and directs the error signal to the amplifier.

  1. An amplifier

It accepts the error signal,gives power to the error-correcting device, which converts the fixed quantity to maintain a link with the reference input.

A servo-motor should need the following characteristics:

  1. An output torque of the motor which should be proportionate to the voltage present i.e. the amplifier generates control voltage as a response to an error signal.
  2. Torque direction is influenced by the control voltage instantaneous polarity.


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