The stepper motor includes a position control device that involves the following benefits:

  1. User-friendly techniques with digital systems.
  2. The angular displacement of the motor can be correctly measured devoid of any feedback or arrangement.
  3. No sensors are required for location or and sensing speed.
  4. This motor can best run with a microprocessor which is a computer-based controller.


Stepper motors have a broad range of applications, they are as follows:

  1. These motors require papers to print which is similar to typewriters and printers.
  2. Placing the print heads at proper points.
  3. Markers to point the XY-plotters.
  4. Used in Recording in the computer disc drives.
  5. Placing of possible tools which can be controlled numerically which can be regulated by machining apparatus.
  6. It can also be used for metering, mixing, cutting, blending, stirring,etc.


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