• The induction motor driven by a repulsion mechanism as known by this name is a motor that runs by repulsion method have brushes of its own arranged in a position which is known to have the highest torque position. When load is increased to 75 percent of the synchronizing speed, a default centrifugal device puts a ring with connection to the commutating bars. These bars converts the framework to a rotor of squirrel-cage. Thus the motor acts like an induction motor based on its installation features (Fig. 16).
  • These motors was once used entirely where torque must have a high starting value.However, now this motor is replaced by the capacitor motors due to the following factors:
  1. Necessitates more preservation.
  2. More costly.
  • The motor is too much noisy after giving a start.
  1. Reasons for radio interference after starting.
  2. Reversing is not at all easy.

The Repulsion motors gives a start, regardless of all of its drawbacks, and still is in use of fundamental-horsepower because:

  1. It has a torque of highest value.
  2. The start requires low current.
  • This motor can increase speed with a heavy load than any other double capacitor motors that has a high capacitance power.


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