To experiment on this reversible adiabatic path you must consider the following figure:


Reversible Adiabatic Paths Do Not Intersect


Points out of the figure:

  • Suppose there are two adiabatic paths namely, CA and CB.
  • The point in which they intersect is C.
  • Let’s assume that there is P, one isothermal path.
  • That isothermal path is intersecting in the points A and B with both CA and CB.

After this whole cycle is complete, it will be reversible with paths CA, CB and BC. Here you must notice that there is no heat transfer in the paths CA and CB. The reversibility will be shown in the isothermal path only. Ultimately, it is violating the 2nd law of internal energy.

Result of the experiment:

This experiment shows that assuming two adiabatic paths intersecting with each other is a false point. This reversible cycle is an impossible outcome. By no means will those two adiabatic paths intersect.


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