A transformer works using the standard of conjoint inductance in between two or more inductively attached coils. As we can see in the figure a transformer involves two windings which are close to each other. The two curving are joined by alluring induction. One of those windings is known as primary which is energized by a kind of sinusoidal voltage and another winding is known as secondary which nourishes the capacity. The irregular current in the key winding sets up as poradic flux (Φ) in the central. The ancillary winding is connected by trench of this flux and e.m.f. sis persuaded in the dual windings. The e.m.f, encouraged in the ancillary winding efforts a existing through the weight related to the winding. Through the magnetic field, energy passes from primary to secondary circuit.

In short we can sum it up as, a transformer a:

(i)  Relocations rechargeable power from a circuit to some other circuit;

(ii)  It performs it deprived of changing the occurrence; and

(iii)  It achieves this by electromagnetic induction


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