1. What do you understand by a transformer?
  2. Give a brief explanation regarding a transformer’s principal of operation.
  3. From 1 circuit to another circuit how electric energy transference takes place?
  4. Calculate induced voltage’s frequency when on a single coil one alternate current makes an impression, which is coupled to the other coil.
  5. State the conditions under which transformer action takes place.
  6. Explain the term transform action.
  7. Why is it so important in a power system to step down and step up voltages?
  8. State the properties that an ideal transformer should have?
  9. State the reasons for several coil divisions in transformer windings?
  10. Give a brief description oftransformer cooling.
  11. In a static transformer, there are 2 components of no load current. State the function of:
  12. Reactive component
  13. Active component
  14. Write a short note on:
  15. Distribution transformers
  16. Power transformers
  17. Draw the differential aspects of both transformer types.
  18. Explain the meaning of polarity. Elucidate your answers.


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