The transformer ratings mean its power, frequency, power, etc., which are specified in name plate of manufacturer. It should be arranged as per requirement to make it manageable. ‘Rated’ word can be said as rated duty. Let’s take an example, the esteemedheat conditions, rated efficiency etc.

  • The elementary duty of a transformer is described using the quantities mentioned on the name plate.
  • A transformer’s rated power is the one applied to the secondary terminals, specified in the name plate and conveyed in kVA.
  • The regarded primary voltage is the voltage specified in the converter name plate.
  • Where the rated voltage flows through primary terminals, the secondary voltage flows through the secondary terminal of the transformer.
  • The esteemedflows of the converter, chief and tributary, are the currents designated in transformer in its name plate and considered by via the conforminggraded values of power and voltage.


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