The following are the types of transformers which stand the further most significant ones:

  1. Power transformers– It is used for the broadcast and circulation of rechargeable power.
  2. Auto-transformers– It is used for transforming voltages within comparatively slight restrictions to unite power systems of dissimilarvoltages. For example, to start C. Motors.
  3. Transformer for feed installations with static convertors– It is being used to convert C. to D. C. (rectifying) and D.C. to A C. (inverting).
  4. Testing transformers– It can be used for directing tests at great and ultra-high voltages.
  5. Power transformers for special applications- It is used forBoiler, fusing etc.
  6. Radio-transformers– It can be used in radio engineering etc. 

Note– Distribution transformers must behaving extreme competence at a capacity which is far lesser than full-load. Power transformers must be having supreme proficiency at or close to full-load.


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