Work Rated as Equivalent

6B. Work Rated as Equivalent

Cases under this section that generally those jobs or positions which are entirely separated from each other in terms of their nature. But they are generally categorized as similar or equal under study of job evaluation of an employer. This might be a case of existence when the value of claims of two separate jobs is similar and it provided as a defense by the employer. Work rated as equivalent in defines in the act as:

Work Rated as Equivalent 12The court of appeal in case of Bromley H & J Quick has ruled the statement of essential jobs as identical and was analytically insufficient as they are not categorized under the involvement of job evaluation as per the required act heading. And hence, an employer cannot claim equivalent work rating on the basis of their defense if the job evaluations are only conducted on the benchmark positions or jobs. And therefore, what is really required here is an analytical approach or evaluation conducted and chosen by the competitors as well. And therefore, if an employer wants the tribunal to accept the job evaluation conducted in the firm, it must be free from any biasedness related to sex as well. This means that the method of job evaluation must not be focused on gender determined factors like physical efforts requires in the job against those benchmark jobs which are dominated by women.


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