Employee Participation in Job Evaluation

Job Evaluation 

Whether can non managerial employees participate in the job evaluation is a decision of the firm which differs for each organization. In some cases, this method is operations from start to end without notifying the employee at all. But at some point, participation of employee is acceptable in order to introduce new schemes in the firm. An employee cannot really participate on negotiation of payment structures and units of bargaining, but at some levels their participation is appreciated. Following is the list of some: 

Job families

Since employees are aware of the working environment in a particular department including the sensitive points which can be compared, their participation is highly effective in collecting the information of requires structure of job family. They can in fact put their views on the deliberations with mangers on which structure to keep.

Job Descriptions

Many employees enjoy the authority of deciding factors of job responsibilities for a new joinee in the firm or rephrasing the existing one. As a matter of fact, employee uses their practical experience and approach on deciding the factors to include in the job role as they have witnessed the same in their profile. Many employees are highly encouraged on their writing skills and thus are appreciated on this level of job evaluation. Introducing new points in the job resposiltities by an employee is a challenging task but enjoyable as the same time. But such a job description does not involve the confirmed nature, as it is then analyzed by the mangers whether to include the same or not. The accuracy of attestation is under the authority of the managers which cannot be compromised and confirmed by an employee.

Panel evaluation

Panel evaluation is encouraged on the employee level too when they can really relate if the managers are performing as per the expectation or not. In also involves evaluation of employees which are junior to them and effective measures on controlling the political games in any department. This evaluation is however, a game of diplomacy as the employee does not risk their jobs and evaluation at stake.

Under this segment, the employee is not asked to evaluate their own job as the occurrence of biasedness is quite common in this segment. But an improvement in the panel can be determined by the evaluation conducted by the employees at their level of satisfaction. Such a platform also helps in building relationship with the firm and the employee deeply. 

Job analysis questionnaires

This segment involved a computer aided systems which is nothing but a questionnaire provided to the employee directly by the owner of the firm. This panel of evaluation helps the firm to evaluate the occurrence of errors in the management, if any. At some level, managers are bound to biased decision. And this questionnaire helps in resolving such issues.


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