Work of Equal Value

6C. Work of Equal Value

A woman is still eligible to pay claim against a comparator man who might be employed under the engagement of different job role in the firm. If a woman can convince that her work is of equal value against the comparator even after she is not engaged under like work, equivalent rating of work of work of broadly similar nature, the detail study of job evaluation will be carried under the nomination of ACAS. This detailed study will be decide by the tribunal and will appoint an expert to conduct the same. The report which will be submitted by the independent expert will then help in deciding whether to award the equal pay to the woman or not.

There have been many cases registered with tribunal for equal pay claim every year. Such a desperate demand is answered by the tribunal but only if the basis of work of equal value is justified in front of them. The inspection carried out by an expert is an unbiased move by the individual which means that this expert is not someone from the department of payment administration. The report must be fair to the employee and employer, and that’s why there is a need of independent body to carry the procedural reporting whenever required.


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