Thermodynamic Properties and Their Units

When you are dealing with thermodynamic properties, there are 3 factors that has to be taken into consideration.

These are: Extensive Property and Intensive Property

Extensive Property:

This is associated with size of the concerned system. If Volume and Mass are taken into consideration, then understanding this concept can become easier.

Say for example you double edges of a particular cube, so volume of that increases by a major factor of 8. Also, when length of these cubes is increased twice, it will undergo close to 8 times increase in mass. Both mass and volume changes in this case.

Intensive Property:

This is one feature that specifically exists at one point in a space. In this case, it is pressure, temperature and density that have to be taken into consideration. Density of earth differs, with maximum at ground level, minimal at high levels. Similarly, pressure and temperature can be measured at different points in a room by a thermometer placed at different areas.


Thermodynamic Properties and Their Units” = C


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