Simple Strain – Some Definitions

What are the fundamentals of Simple strain?

To know about the fundamentals of the strain you must go through the following definitions and these are as follows-


The ductility is the prime property of a metal and in can be defined as the ability of bending or elongation of a metal is known as ductility. Or, “It is the ability of a metal to withstand elongation or bending”.

This is important because this property can easily indicate that the diameter of a wide metal wire can easily be reduced whenever necessary to get the small diameters of wire.


“This is the property by virtue of which a material may be hammered or rolled into thin sheets without rupture”.


It is also known as the Tinacility and can be defined as the exact strength through which the material is able to oppose the rupture. It can also be defined as “energy which can be absorbed by the material up to the point of rupture.”

In the stress-strain graph the area under the curve is known as toughness.


Brittleness can be seen through which an object breaks easily. “Lack of ductility is the brittleness”.


“It is the resistance of a material to penetration”.

It has he ability of resisting scratches.


It is completely opposite of hardness and thus it cannot able to resist to penetration.


“It is the property that enables the formation of a permanent deformation in a material”.


At the moment when the strain energy is stored by a body within its exact elastic limit along with which at that time it is loaded externally is called ‘Resilience’. ‘Proof resilience’ is the maximum limit of elasticity at this case.

Modulus of Resilience

Proof resilience per unit volume of a piece is called the modulus of resilience.”


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