Centeriods of Lines

Suppose the value of moment of area is zero about any point in the given plane. The point at which the value becomes zero, it is called centroid of that area.

For the determination of centroid of any given figure, we should use the above technique. Whether we have to determine centroid of line or centroid of volume, it can be found conveniently.

In other words, centroid is the geometric center of any plane figure about an axis. For an object in n-dimensional space, the centroid is the value of mean position of all points. In this aspect, the centroid of straight line of length L about a reference axis can be rested at the position of half of its length or L/2.

Locating of Centroid

Centroid can be located by using two different methods for different figures- those are Plumb Line Method and Balancing Method.

Centeriods of Lines 1Centeriods of Lines 2

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